Unleash the Power of a Toxin-Free Salon

The NEW Business Strategy for Beauty Professionals

Discover how reducing the toxins in your salon can transform your business from a stressful Overwhelming into an impactful and profitable business.

The NEW business strategy for beauty professionals.

Discover how reducing the toxins in your salon can transform your business from a stressful and expensive habit into an impactful and profitable business.


Work with me

  • A personalized blueprint that outlines your unique path to success
  • Two decades of product and service research plus key beauty industry analytics you will use to design a more profitable business model
  • Education programs to use with clients and colleagues that will energize your business and build loyalty
  • A Marketing plan designed to attract your ideal clients, maintain key relationships, and establish your credibility in the community
  • Real transformation that gives you more money and time to enjoy the life you are building for you and your loved ones. Work less, live more!
  • How CLEAN is your business quiz
  • 15 affirmations for the Enlightened Stylist
  • Facebook Community
  • Attract your ideal client meditation
  • Increase Profits by 30-50%
  • Establish Your Leadership and Credibility in the Community
  • Attract New Clients Each Week Without Gimmicky Marketing
  • Feel Healthier In AND Out of Your Business

I am Jacquelyn Rodriguez a Holistic Salon Owner, founder of The Clean Beauty Biz Method, Certified Master Neuro-Coach, author, non-toxic cosmetic line owner and creator, energy healer, and podcast host. My first passion is to nurture my clients with green chemistry products and a salon dedicated to creating the most stylish looks using products, techniques, and packaging that has the least impact on the environment. Not too many people were doing this 15 years ago when I was creating an eco-friendly salon, so without a mentor or guide, I began a journey that led me into coaching. Today, while my salon business is growing, I am teaching other beauty business professionals how to create profit and freedom with my clean beauty biz method.

Rebekah F.

“I tripled my business revenues in one year and outgrew TWO locations after working with Jacquelyn for six months! It was easy to expand my revenue streams and now I can get out of my business and enjoy the life I’m creating!

Kate S.

“I had lost my way, and it was all just a grind. Jacquelyn’s program energized me and taught me how to identify the right clients for my business.

Heidi L.

Test results at my last physical, showed my inflammation markers were record low, almost nonexistent. I feel great, my house is clean (enough) and my salon smells amazing and the products are phenomenal. I feel good every day with the steps I’m taking and my teenage daughters see differences too.