The 2 day virtual event teaching hairdressers

how to elevate their craft and become a conscious stylist.


This summit has been designed to help online entrepreneurs just like you, learn how to scale their business using Organic traffic strategies. 

Inside this summit you will be learning from 6&7 figure entrepreneurs who are absolutely crushing using organic traffic. 

All of our speakers have committed to pulling back the curtain and letting you see behind the scenes of what's working for them and how you can make it work for you!

Just a few of the strategies are Partnerships, Collaborations, Clubhouse, Facebook Groups, Public Relationships, Tiktok and so much more! 

Get ready for an action packed summit, that will change your business forever! 

What You’ll Get At This Event

This is an event with 8 successful coaches, consultants and course creators who are scaling their businesses through organic strategies - all on one summit, giving you the straight goods!


Discover organic traffic strategies you can leverage to scale your  business without paid advertising


Get laser targeted actionable training on how to scale your business with organic traffic


Tap into the knowledge of 6&7 figure entrepreneurs whom have spent years figuring these strategies out

More Freedom

Discover how to build an audience through partnerships, clubhouse, Facebook, PR, TV Podcast and more!

Sunday & Monday

October 15th & 16th 2023

Both Days:

11am-4 EST

8am-1 PST

Ignite a Conscious Movement

At the heart of the Global Conscious Hairdressers Summit is a powerful call to action.

We're not just gathering; we're igniting a conscious movement within the beauty industry.

As part of our commitment to catalyze meaningful change, we're providing a dedicated space for attendees to sign petitions that aim to reshape the industry's landscape.

Benefits for You & Your Profits:

🌿 Increase Client Retention

🌿 Upsell with Confidence

🌿 Attract New Clients

Benefits for Your Clients:

🌿 Customized Care

🌿 Holistic Well-being

🌿 Trusted Advisor

Benefits for Your Wellness:

🌿 Reduced Stress

🌿 Work-Life Balance

🌿 Personal Fulfillment

Your Hostess

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

The Holistic Salon Biz Coach, Founder of Enlightened Styles Holistic Salon

& The Holistic Salon Academy

Mona Leung

The Councous Hairdresser & Creator of film documentary, "Beyond Vanity,"

Meet the speakers

Yuko Turnbull

Greg Robins

Christina Prpick

Ashleah Walker

Laura Sullivan

John Reel

Rick Fischer

Marty Hall Landau

Michal Harewood

Mariana Ibrahim

Christine Shahin

Sharon Fast

Andy Rezmer

Kathie Scott

Kristy Wright

Paul Scott

Freedo Master

Brad Priorier

You don't want to miss out on the VIP experience

VIP get to see an exclusive premier showing of

Beyond Vanity Documentary

VIP Experience

The Anahata Experience

✨ Advocate for Transformation: By signing petitions, you're lending your voice to advocate for updated beauty laws that reflect modern values, inclusivity, and safety.

✨ Create Impact: Every signature represents a step towards creating a ripple effect that challenges outdated norms and paves the way for progress.

THE Clock is ticking...

sign up now before it's too late!

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Our BeautyEXPERTS Have Been Featured In

Latasha Mitchell

Who Is Your Trainer? 

Latasha helps Entrepreneurs & brands harness the untapped power of partnerships to scale their businesses faster and easier than they ever imagined, all without spending a dime on paid ads. 

She's revolutionizing joint ventures, shifting the paradigm to a fresher, more effective method of collaboration. 

Working with many Multimillion-dollar brands, she's regarded as the Joint Venture Marketing authority. She is in high demand to show others how to grow their business without using conventional marketing strategies.


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