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Welcome to the heart of holistic beauty for salon owners. With over a decade of experience running a thriving holistic salon, we're here to make clean, green, and sustainable practices accessible. Join us in creating a profitable and impactful salon business that's eco-friendly and forward-thinking.

Unleashing the Power of Holistic Marketing: Taking Your Clean Beauty Salon Beyond Social Media

Emotion-Driven Salon Experience

September 22, 20236 min read

"Creating an emotion-driven salon experience isn't just about hairstyling; it's about crafting an emotional journey that speaks to the heart of your clients and leaves a lasting impression." Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Unlock the Emotions Behind Salon Visits! Join us on our podcast as we delve into the minds of salon owners and their ideal clients. Discover the emotions that drive clients to visit a salon and learn how to create a transformative experience that fosters lasting connections. Elevate your salon business and tap into the power of emotion-driven marketing. Tune in now!

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Have you ever wondered about the emotions your ideal clients feel before deciding to visit your salon?

Today, we're delving into the minds of your potential customers, uncovering their inner thoughts, and discovering the key to attracting more loyal clients.

Most beauty professionals think that clients visit solely for the specific outcome of a service. I get it; you've been providing top-notch haircuts and services, and you might think that's all your clients want. You want to meet their immediate needs, and that's commendable. I used to think the same thing as well—I thought if I could just give the best head massages and the best haircut and color, clients would keep coming back.

However, this is simply not enough to create raving fans in your business.

Think about your own experiences. Let's use Walmart and Target as examples. They sell the same things, but what is the experience like in both locations? Everything from their marketing to the music, the lighting, the way the locations are set up, and how they communicate with you in between visits—it all plays a part. Depending on what's important to you, you choose one location over the other, even though you can buy the exact same thing from both.

And let me tell you, if you just focus all your time on providing the absolute best service, whether it's a haircut or color, and you don't take time to think about the holistic viewpoint of your business from all areas, you're missing out. Learning how to speak to your clients' emotions is the best way to start attracting your ideal clients. So, let's dive into what emotions play a part in your business.

Curiosity: The First Emotion

The first emotion your ideal clients feel is curiosity. Imagine a potential client scrolling through their social media feed and stumbling upon your salon's page. They're instantly drawn to your page. But I'm sure some questions pop up, and some emotions behind those questions.

They wonder, "What services do they offer? Will they understand my unique hair type and style preferences? Will I get along with the stylists? Do we share the same interests?" Another significant emotion and question that arises is, "Will I be accepted for who I am?" This is a universal concern. The beauty industry hasn't always been the most accepting and loving. We're improving, but there's work to be done.

As your ideal clients find your social media page, website, or discover you on Google, it's crucial to start answering those questions and filling your content with copy and images that evoke the emotions you want them to feel. Posting pictures of pretty hair isn't enough. Showcase what's unique about your salon—what transformative experiences your clients have. Create behind-the-scenes videos introducing your stylists, offering potential clients a sneak peek into the amazing experience they can expect. Everything they encounter, from your Google page to your social media, should answer their questions and evoke emotions.

Trust: The Second Emotion

The next emotion is trust. Your potential clients want to feel confident in their choice of salon. They seek reassurance from others who have experienced your services. Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients are invaluable in building trust. Incorporate these testimonials into your website and promotional materials. Share client success stories on your social media through storytelling. Instead of merely stating your salon's attributes, tell a story that invokes emotion and builds trust.

For example, if you showcase a beautiful balayage you just did, accompany it with a story. Describe how your client had a challenging night with her newborn and hadn't had time to care for herself. Tell the story of how your salon provided a safe and quiet space for her to recharge and rejuvenate, leaving her feeling like a brand new woman. Stories like these speak to your ideal client's emotions and foster quicker trust.

Anticipation: The Third Emotion

Now onto the third emotion—anticipation. Your ideal clients have booked an appointment with you. As the date of their salon visit approaches, they eagerly look forward to the pampering and transformation they'll experience. They envision leaving your salon with a confident smile, feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. Fuel this anticipation by creating a sense of exclusivity in your marketing. Offer exclusive promotions for first-time visitors or introduce limited-time packages that combine popular services. Send personalized messages or emails leading up to their appointment, expressing your excitement to meet them and ensuring that they feel valued before they step foot in your salon. Share teaser posts that highlight the unique experiences your salon provides, leaving your potential clients excited to come in for their appointment.

Creating the Salon Experience

Your ideal client is getting ready to come into your salon. They may feel excitement, anticipation, relaxation, or hope. This depends on their eagerness for a new look, their anticipation of a pampering experience, the sense of calm in your salon environment, and the hope for a transformation that boosts their confidence. While you can't control these emotions, what you can control is how they feel when they step into your salon.

Communication is key to your success. Understanding what your clients truly want and need, tuning into their emotions—these aspects speak volumes. Their emotions speak louder than their words. This is where you can tell if they're nervous, if they understand the plan, and most importantly, if they trust you.

As we know, it's not just about the physical transformation. Your clients come to you with hope in their hearts. They seek a change that boosts their confidence and makes them feel like the best version of themselves. They trust in your expertise to deliver that transformation, and it's a responsibility you take seriously.

Beyond the Appointment: Fostering Connection

And then there's the emotion that follows—the time in between appointments. Many stylists have very little communication during this time. Yet, this is a beautiful space where you can reconnect with them, tap back into the emotions they felt while at your salon, and solidify the fact that you see them and hear them. Checking in to see how their appointment was, how they're loving their new hair, and continuously providing value will have them raving about their experience at your salon.

By incorporating the emotions of curiosity, trust, and anticipation into your marketing efforts and infusing your vision and mission, you can build meaningful connections and create a salon experience that fosters a loyal customer base. It becomes a personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Your clients will be drawn to the human connection you foster, and they'll keep coming back for more of that special touch that only you can provide.

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Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Jacquelyn Rodriguez The Clean Beauty Biz Coach.

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I am Jacquelyn Rodriguez a Holistic Salon Owner, founder of The Holistic Salon Academy, Certified Master Neuro-Coach, author, non-toxic cosmetic line owner and creator, energy healer, and podcast host. My first passion is to nurture my clients with green chemistry products and a salon dedicated to creating the most stylish looks using products, techniques, and packaging that has the least impact on the environment. Not too many people were doing this 15 years ago when I was creating an eco-friendly salon, so without a mentor or guide, I began a journey that led me into coaching. Today, while my salon business is growing, I am teaching other beauty business professionals how to create profit and freedom with my holistic salon academy.

Jacquelyn Rodriguez smiling holding a smudge stick and a hand over her heart.
Jacquelyn Rodriguez smiling holding a smudge stick and a hand over her heart.