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Turn Problems Into Experiences

March 15, 20233 min read

As stylists, we see a lot of “problems” that people have with their hair and scalp. Dandruff and dry scalp issues are a common issue that our guests are concerned about. While these symptoms are the same, the way they are treated in a Clean Beauty Salon is different than the treatments offered in a traditional salon.

The typical guest experience is often a quick conversation that ends with a recommendation for a specific brand name product line. The product may be formulated to treat dandruff, the typical diagnosis, even though the root cause of the dryness and flaking could be moisture loss or product buildup. One size fits all dandruff shampoos may not even address the cause, but this is what we have been trained to do.

I call this the Same-Same experience: no matter where your guest goes, that guest will likely be treated the same way and receive the same assessment.

What if you could change this? What if YOU take this opportunity to make your salon the standout business that helps them resolve the issue through a positive and impactful experience?

The Clean Beauty Approach to Dry Scalp

When guests come to my salon with concerns about a dry, itchy scalp, we start with a cup of tea and a conversation. Then we bring in technology so that we can view the scalp at a microscopic level. The guest gets to see it, too so we quickly educate, build rapport and trust, and ultimately provide some NOW and THEN treatment options for our guests.

The NOW options include a hair steam treatment, one that allows us to deeply hydrate and nourish the scalp and hair with an infusion of specialty botanicals paired to address the root cause of their hair care concern. We create space for them to relax, adding an eye mask and weighted blanket if they choose.

Our THEN options include recommendations for at home care product lines that will continue to nourish and treat the specific cause for their issue. It may also include reminders to stay hydrated, pay attention to nutrition, and get extra rest, with an invitation to return if they need more assistance.

Improved Guest Experience

Now, just from a consumer experience, the Clean Beauty guest has been pampered, reassured, and educated. In addition to leaving the salon feeling beautiful, they feel seen and understood. They will probably have a hard time not sharing the experience with others.

How does the traditional salon guest feel? Aside from getting the services they want, does the traditional salon guest feel like this was different or special? Chances are, this is an unremarkable experience that no one even thinks about sharing with others. Why would they?

If shifting one aspect of your business model today creates a more impactful consumer experience that people want to share with others tomorrow, why wouldn’t you do it? What holds you back from re-creating the beauty industry into something more powerful and dynamic?

About the Clean Beauty Business Method

I have been a stylist for over 15 years and was once a struggling salon owner. Getting clear about on my vision to change the way this industry works has proven to be profitable, life-changing, and joyful. Now I coach other beauty industry salon and spa owners so that they can triple their profits and experience 50% more revenue-without advertising and salesy gimmicks. Follow me on Instagram or join me on the private Facebook group for more tips and strategies to grow your business and increase your profits.

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